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Our coaching and job hunting guidance

Evocation’s menu of services 依芙教育机构的服务项目

Every participant is eligible to receive a weekly email from us identifying the latest job opportunities in their chosen field. You will receive this email for 3 months.



Presenting yourself effectively


Resume and cover letter writing - our experts will advise on rewriting your CV in perfect English, highlighting your strengths and matching you to suitable positions, giving you that head-start over other candidates to be chosen for interview.

简历和求职信的写作 -依芙教育们的专家将建议您,如何用完美的英语重写您的简历,突显出您的优势,并将您与合适的职位相匹配,使您比其他应聘者更容易得到求职胜利入场卷- 面试机会。

Interview preparation and practice - we can make this general and wide-ranging, or related to an actual interview opportunity. In person, and videoed for you to retain. As a recruitment company ourselves for many years, our interview specialists can train you to be an expert in taking interviews for your dream job, becoming more knowledgeable about your sector and selling yourself. This includes a tailor-made personal assessment of your interviewing strengths and areas to work on, and one to one interview training.

正式面试前的准备与练习 - 依芙教育有着多年的招聘经验。透过我们所聘请的专业面试专家,针对指定求职公司的需求,给求职者进行1对1面试或线上视频面试模拟。


Researching your fields of interest

Sector summaries – for your field of employment interest (eg finance, retail, IT), we will provide a 1-2 page overview highlighting sector size, trends, key players. 

深入了解并分析您感兴趣的领掝 - 针对您感兴趣之就业领域( 例如金融,零售或IT),我们将提供1-2 页的概述,让您更深入的了解该领域之部门规模及趋势。


Targeting the right job


Career counselling - a clarifying meeting to discuss your career ideas, objectives, timescales etc matched against your personal strengths/weaknesses, qualifications and experience. Face to face meeting 

职业咨询 - 由依芙教育的就业专家,一对一的和您面谈,讨论您的个人优劣势和职场经验,提供更精准确切的求职规划。

Company introductions - Evocation makes on average ten placements a day. Our recruitment consultants can send your CV to top employers in your field, getting you a step closer to your internship or dream job in a multinational corporation.

公司企业介绍- 依芙教育每天平均召集10个职缺,由我们的职业招聘顾问,将您的简历发送给您所在领域的顶尖雇主,帮您实现在英国知名公司实习或工作的梦想。


Personal awareness and development


Self-understanding - based on your answers to our selected tests, we score your answers and provide feedback/review for you to understand your own areas of strength/weakness. Personal feedback takes place in a face-to-face meeting. 

自我理解 - 根据您对我们精细设计的测试答案,我们将对您进行评分,并提供一对一的反馈或复查,以帮助您了解自己在求职领域的优势及劣势


Better use of English


One to one business English - helping you get up to speed with current business themes and vocabulary. Talk the talk and show potential employers that you really speak their language. Learn how to promote yourself while raising your confidence and getting a competitive edge over other graduates looking for internships and UK employment

一对一的商务英语 - 帮助您掌握最新的商务主题和词汇,以便您使用正确的商业英语用词,和您潜在的雇主进行交谈。了解如何在提升自己的信心的同时,也提升自己的商业英语技能,使您俱备比其他求职者更多竞争优势。

Language improvement - A diagnostic review in which the main areas where your written and spoken use of English needs improvement are identified, with possible strategies outlined to tackle the key issues. Face to face session. 

语言增进技能 - 由我们的专家,和您进行面对面的训练,帮助您识别您需要改进的英语书面和口语技巧。

IELTS – our expert qualified tutors will focus on the skill areas you need to develop further. They will give specific, individual advice to help you improve your IELTS score. 

雅思教学 - 由我们专业合格的雅思教师,针对您需要进一步发展的技能领域,提供具体的个人化建议,以帮助您提高雅思考试成绩。