This page is for archive interest only. Evocation EFL has closed. Thank you for visiting us.

For schools: Our full terms of business are available on request. Please contact us for the current version of our User Guide and/or detailed terms of business which we will be glad to send you. This summary is provided for information only and does not replace or supersede our full terms of business in any way.

We aim to recruit teachers who meet British Council standards in the UK and ACELS standards in Ireland. We interview teachers in accordance with best recruitment practice. CVs and contact details are provided to schools in good faith. Teachers are paid through us and the school is invoiced weekly for services provided the previous week.

Any offer of employment must first be approved by Evocation EFL. A finder’s fee is charged for this service. Once a finder’s fee has been paid, the school is free to contact and/or employ the teacher at any time in the future. A school may not contact, employ or pay directly any Evocation teacher without the permission of Evocation until three months have elapsed, if a finder’s fee has not been paid.

When a teacher has been firmly booked at a school’s request, we reserve the right to apply a 24-hour cancellation policy and charge accordingly.

For teachers: We enter into a standard zero-hours contract with you which states an hourly rate inclusive of a stated amount due for statutory leave where applicable. In Ireland we offer casual hours on an ‘as and when’ basis under a similar standard contract. You are entitled to accept other work and/or to leave us at any time. We only accept teachers on a PAYE basis in the UK. You may not accept direct work from a school where you have worked for us until three months have elapsed.

January 2020