Working for Evocation has been a pleasure. When moving to a new country, you need to think about of tax, national Insurance & bank accounts. With Evocation they take all the hard work out of these areas & they do all the work for you. They stay in contact with both you & your employer making everything easy.

I have had a brilliant time in Italy. The employer was very helpful & I couldn’t have asked for a better position. I would recommend working abroad to anyone & will be continuing to in the future. If I can work abroad using Evocation again I will do.

Gary C, EFL teacher in Italy

Evocation are the fine line between a happy enjoyable lesson and an absolute emergency situation! They are in a sense lifesavers and we are eternally grateful to their staff and to Martin for their help and professionalism.

Colm Dalton, Academic Manager, Kaplan

It’s great to have someone at the helm like Martin, who knows the sector through and through and has access to it like no other, and has attracted a great group of professionals who quite literally get parachuted in to save the day, and it’s good to be known for that. So thanks Evocation. Thanks Martin much appreciated.

Andrew M, EFL teacher

Evocation are well-trained professionals available in a pinch, delivering quality lessons on short notice. All Evocation teachers are beard certified, highly experienced and always ready in a moment’s notice, led by the formidable Martin Richards, a.k.a. Charlie to his angels. Evocation covers all London zones and a few international locations and will deliver a qualified teacher to your school faster than Domino’s Pizza! Evocation has been the go-to company for supply teachers of all courses for more than a decade – success speaks for itself. Who you gonna call?!

Tom W, EFL teacher

Over the eight years I have been doing business with you, your service has been extraordinarily good. Your scheduled cover teachers are reliable and professional, and your efforts to help in emergencies are exceptional. Thank you so much for everything.

Andy Daventry, Academic Director, British Study Centres

  I was extremely pleased with my experience of dealing with Evocation EFL. The company provided me with full and accurate information about my placement and were always professional and reliable. They were also extremely helpful on all aspects of preparing for my journey to Russia, and were very approachable. I would recommend this company to any teacher looking for a reliable and friendly service and I hope to work with Evocation again in the future.

Grace C, EFL Teacher

I have only positive experiences to report regarding my time with Evocation. I was given a placement I was very happy with, was given full and accurate information, and was paid soon after completion. The staff are professional, courteous and approachable, and business is conducted straightforwardly and transparently.

Tom A, EFL Teacher

As a new teacher taking my first steps into the world of EFL I have been hugely impressed by the way in which Evocation handled my application, facilitated my contract of employment and continued to demonstrate a duty of care.  I would strongly recommend Evocation, this is indeed a recruitment agency that behaves professionally and embodies a truly personal approach.

Anne H, EFL teacher in Italy​

From the teaching perspective, Evocation has always been very clear and understanding when a job occurs. I’m really happy with the administration side, it’s been very organised and prompt. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something constructive to improve on, but I have to admit I’m stumped. There isn’t really much to add. Please keep up the clear communication with us teachers.

Tuan H, EFL teacher

Thanks Martin for a very enjoyable and fun evening meeting and catching up with colleagues at Evocation. A positive social bash!

Stephen A, EFL teacher

I love meeting people from so many different cultures and with so many different experiences – it really broadens my outlook on life!

Karen B, EFL teacher

Evocation is a very helpful organisation. There is always plenty of work over the summer when you are between jobs. Martin is always helpful and informative with his usual gentlemanly behaviour.

Rosalind B, EFL teacher

If you’re a qualified English teacher, my advice would be to sign up with Evocation. Great support, great experiences and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work! Martin is organised, friendly and gets you work: go for it!

Arun K, EFL teacher

Frances King Schools have worked closely with Evocation for many years now and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Evocation provided us with many teachers to work at our school and wouldn’t have survived without them!!  You’ll always get a friendly and professional response when you call them (whatever time of day!) and they make every effort to match their teachers to our specifications.  If you’re an EFL school looking for a professional, reliable, resourceful agency with expert knowledge in the English teaching industry, then look no further than Evocation – they’re brilliant.

Mary Pettit, Former Academic Manager, Frances King School of English

I have worked with Evocation during the last 5 years and they have consistently provided an excellent service! Martin and his team take the relevant needs into account and come back each time with a good teacher who has the right experience. What more could you ask in times of need?

Josh Round, Former Director of Studies, St George International 

Evocation’s service for temp and permanent teachers has been invaluable over the years, and everyone we have dealt with has always been so charming and helpful. We really appreciate Evocation’s service!

Fiona Dunlop, Principal, Wimbledon School of English, London

Thank you for providing us with an excellent service. We’ve always been able to rely on Evocation when we need a teacher!

Andy Daventry, Academic Director, British Study Centres, London